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Coronavirus – latest news!

Last update: 30th of August 2021


Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus we are working from home until September, 30th 2021.
E-mails will be checked regularly, but in consequence of the reduced operations there may be some delay in answering requests. Thank you very much in advance for your understanding!
For urgent queries, please, call the emergency number indicated on the answering machine.
We hope to be back at your entire disposal soon and wish all our clients and partners good health!


Current information on the containment measures in Austria

Requirements for entering and staying in Austria

For quarantine-free entry to Austria, people over the age of 12 (in Vienna over the age of 6) must provide credible evidence that they have only stayed in an area with low epidemiological risk in the last 10 days before entry and one of the following three conditions must be met. All certificates / proofs mentioned must be provided in German or English.

  • Vaccinated: A vaccine certificate is valid after receiving the second dose (for those vaccines that require two shots), the validity extends 270 days after the second vaccination. Those vaccinations that require only one dose are valid from the 21st day after the administration until 270 days after the day of vaccination. A vaccine certificate is only valid for the following vaccines: BioNtech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson.
  • Tested: A negative result of an official antigen test not older than 48 hours or a PCR test not older than 72 hours is recognized (in Vienna 24 hours and 48 hours respectively). Tests results need to be issued by a medical institution, self-tests are not valid.
  • Recovered: A proof of antibodies is valid for 90 days from the test date or a medical certificate, confirming a survived Covid-19 infection in the last 180 days, that has been confirmed by molecular biology is also valid.


One of these three requirements (vaccinated, tested, recovered) must always be met in order to be able to use the services of hotels, gastronomy or leisure facilities!

People entering from a high-incidence or virus variant area are also required to present the pre-filled pre-travel clearance form (“PTC”) when entering Austria. This is available in German and English at and must be presented in printed or electronic form.

The return travel regulations from Austria to the countries of origin must also be observed!


Mandatory mouth-nose-protection masks (MNP)

  • Customer areas of shops (in enclosed rooms)
  • Public transportation services and taxis 
  • Museums, exhibitions, libraries
  • Airports and train stations
  • Healthcare institutions (medical practices, hospitals, treatment centres, etc.) and pharmacies
  • In the entire service sector with customer contact (unless vaccinated, tested or recovered)
  • Public administration buildings with customer traffic
  • Facilities for the practice of religion


Public transportation

  • Mandatory mouth-nose-protection (MNP) masks
  • In public service buses, the first two rows must remain empty
  • In cable cars and cog railways


Private transportation – Coach / Minivan / Limousine

  • Vaccinated, tested or recovered as a condition for transportation
  • Disinfection of the interior by the driver (after each trip)
  • Charter coach – for services in Austria all seats may be occupied
  • Registration required for indoor activities outside of the coach (until 22nd July)


Guided Tours

  • Outdoor guided tours – no limitation on number of guests, no masks required
  • Indoor guided tours (museums, sites, etc.) – mandatory mouth-nose-protection (MNP) masks, maximum of 25-35 guests per guide (subject to museums’ specific regulations), pre-reservation is required in most cases
  • vaccinated, tested or recovered while on a coach



  • Vaccinated, tested or recovered as a condition for entry, registration required
  • No masks required
  • Breakfast area & restaurants – see regulations for restaurants/gastronomy
  • Spa, wellness and fitness areas – vaccinated, tested or recovered



  • Vaccinated, tested or recovered as a condition for entry; registration required until 22nd July
  • No masks required
  • No limitations on capacity
  • Special hygiene regulations for buffets
  • Mandatory elaboration and implementation of a hygiene and prevention concept


Recreational Facilities & Cultural Institutions

  • Museums / art galleries / libraries / public archives

    • No entry requirements
    • Mouth-nose-protection (MNP) masks required in enclosed spaces


    Amusement parks / zoos / botanical gardens / theatres / cinemas / disco – clubs

    • Vaccinated, tested or recovered as a condition for entry
    • No masks required


Events (concerts, meetings, sport events)

  • below 100 persons: no restrictions
  • for 100 or more persons: vaccinated, tested or recovered as a condition for entry, notification of the local public administration is required, appointment of a COVID-19 certified manager + COVID-19 prevention concept
  • for 500 or more persons: vaccinated, tested or recovered as a condition for entry, prior approval from the local public administration is required, appointment of a COVID-19 certified manager + COVID-19 prevention concept
  • Basically no restrictions on number of people and no restrictions on maximum capacity utilization


Excursion boats – scheduled & charter service

  • For scheduled service the same regulations apply as for public transportation
  • For charter service vaccinated, tested or recovered as a condition for transportation
  • No limitations on capacity
  • Mouth-nose-protection (MNP) masks are only required in enclosed spaced
  • Food & beverage service allowed according to the regulations for restaurants/gastronomy
  • The operating company needs to appoint a COVID-19 certified manager and elaborate a COVID-19 prevention concept


For more information on the current situation, please consult the following websites:
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